How much I want to share here will differ over time. I can be inconsistent.

For now: you may call me Mirror. I made this site purely because I often have the desire to "make a site!" when fixated on various topics, but it would make no sense to make a full site for every specific thing that I get fixated on, never to be worked on again when the fixation fades.

Therefore: one personal site, many pages each dedicated to one specific thing.

Ice-types are quiet and introverted, like to go unnoticed, and may appear cold to others, but secretly harbor a lot of passion and creativity.

You're a sensitive, methodical person who is slow to warm up to others. You like to spend a lot of time alone and prefer having a select few friends.

Well, would you look at that! It seems an Absol wants to be your partner! Absol, also called the Disaster Pokémon, can sense impending disasters and will only appear before people in order to warn them. Like most dark Pokémon, Absol are drawn to people who are systematic and independent, though they are also known to be exceptionally removed and observant Pokémon. They make the perfect partner for trainers who are quiet and very intuitive, though may often be misunderstood and isolate themselves as a result. My friend, this marks the beginning of your and Absol's journey together. Welcome to the world of Pokémon!