Other Interests

The Bookmark of Demise (終焉ノ栞, Shuuen no Shiori)

Type: Vocaloid Song Series + Novel + Manga
Creators: 150P (Composition), Suzumu (Writing/Lyrics), Saine (Character Design), Komine (Illustration)

A-ya, a high schooler immensely bored by the endless mundanity of daily life, discovers an old diary with instructions on how to summon the Bookmark of Demise, held within a book said to contain every urban legend in the world. In order to break free from boredom, he draws himself and his clubmates into the worst Demise Game.
Marutoku Kichi (丸得基地)

Type: RPGMaker Games & Visual Novels
Creator: Umami Mazu

Called a circle, but actually all made by one person. They have currently released 11 games. Their games have notable content warnings for violence and similar topics. Each game they make is slightly different; for example, ZENO is an RPG horror game, SHTDN is a walk-and-talk experience, Murder Case at White Rose Academy has you gathering clues to prove your opponents' guilt, and Marbling Clear is a visual novel.
Paradise Destroyed (楽園破壊, Rakuen Hakai)

Type: RPGmaker Game
Creator: Umami Mazu

Listed separately from Marutoku's other games because of the absolute depths I am obsessed with this game. Two brothers, Cai and Bel Kaneiki, are notorious thieves who have confidence in being able to escape with their supernatural abilities. When they are finally captured and unable to escape, they are sent to a world that only espers can inhabit called Paradise. Cai vows to find a way to become the first one to escape Paradise, and the two begin their journey through this mysterious world.
Pokemon (ポケモン)

Type: Video Game + Anime + Manga
Creator: Game Freak

A wondrous world filled with creatures who have elemental powers! Many aim to catch and train them so that they can battle against each other or compete in contests, though others keep them as companions or pets.
Digimon (デジモン)

Type: Video Game + Anime + Manga
Creator: Akiyoshi Hongo

After falling into another world, each person realizes that they have been paired up with a talking monster, and their bond gives them the power to evolve to new forms. The setting changes, but the bond between humans and Digimon is always there.
Vocaloid (ボカロイド)

Type: Music
Creators: Various

Voice synthesizers used to create unique songs and storylines. A community where anyone can make a song with vocals, even if they can't sing. A well of creation and sharing of one's feelings, using music as a medium.